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Pima County Water and Wastewater Treatment

Learn how Pima County Implemented a Wonderware System Platform Situational Awareness Strategy to Improve Operational Efficiency of Wastewater Facilities

“The new Wonderware SCADA system has enabled our Tres Rios facility to double capacity, while operating using the same number of staff, which is about a 50 percent increase in operational efficiency with a 10 percent reduction in energy consumption.”
—Rod Graupmann, SCADA Manager, Pima County, Tres Rios Facility

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Run your plant in real time

Access to process information and trend analysis in real time can prevent lost production, increase plant and technician productivity, and empower faster, more informed decisions.

Carson City, Nevada’s water/wastewater, transportation, environmental and renewable power facilities have adopted an integrated system platform running on virtual machines across wireless platforms with both standard and mobile monitoring and control.

See how Carson City is leveraging the situational awareness provided by real-time access to intelligent, current and historical process data to cut costs, increase service levels, and improve environmental performance and learn how to implement the process in your plant.

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Moxa Networking Solutions: The Higher Roller: Moxa Networking in the World’s Largest Observation Wheel

Learn how Moxa lent its expertise to assist the world's largest observation wheel in deploying a reliable wireless communication and control system. Each of the High Roller's 28 cabins has its own fully redundant wireless network, each of which need to meet industrial safety requirements for performance. In addition, equipment was in constant motion and changing orientation, while experiencing extreme wind, temperatures, dust, and radio interference.

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Carson City, Nevada - A "Smart City" Success Story

Leveraging virtualization, mobile devices and smart phones to increase the efficiency of its operators and management, the smart city solution at Carson City increases situational awareness and allows the public works department to achieve a high level of operational readiness.

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F&N Dairies Achieves Significant Savings in Production, Logistics and Inventory Costs with Wonderware MES Software

At our Rojana factory, F&N Dairies produces 3 million cans a day of sterilized milk, or 2,500 cans per minute. With the integration of Wonderware software solutions to provide vital data on production processes as well as track and trace, we are able to have comprehensive control of our manufacturing operations to ensure product quality and control.

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Wonderware IntelaTrac Customer Success Profiles

Wonderware IntelaTrac enables manufacturers and processors to achieve reliable, safe and profitable operations through consistent execution of best practices by the field workforce — accelerating and sustaining mainstream process improvements.

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A deep dive into the advances made by companies, powered by Wonderware Corporate Energy Management, Historian, Historian Client, Information Server, Intelligence and SmartGlance.


New Belgium Brewing Co. Industry: Food and Beverage

New Belgium Brewing Taps Into Wonderware MES Performance Software with the help of Apex Manufacturing Solutions

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University of Cincinnati, OH

The University of Cincinnati uses Wonderware's automation & information software to handle real-time data collection to better supervise their utility plants.

University of Cincinnati Modernizes Coal-Fired Utilities With Addition of FactorySuite™ HMI, Database Modules

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