Weidmuller Terminal Blocks

Weidmuller Terminal Blocks

Screw connection W-series

For decades Weidmüller's W-Series terminal with screw clamp connection technology has set the standard. With its many advantages, the W-Series remains the unsurpassed market leader.

Tension clamp Z-series

Modular terminals with tension clamp connections – the Z-Series – were specially designed to meet customers’ requirements: compact size, generous marking surfaces, integral test point, and cross-connection options within the Z-Series and to other Weidmüller modular terminals.

Push-in connection P-series

The P-Series is Weidmuller’s new generation of modular terminals distinguished by a concise yet uniquely flexible portfolio. The cornerstone of this concept is the “Push In” connection technology which enables a reduction in the terminal variants while providing incredible cost savings.

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