SCADA Expert Vijeo Citect

SCADA Expert Vijeo Citect, is the operating and monitoring component of PlantStruxure™ architecture.

SCADA Expert Vijeo Citect

With powerful visualization capabilities and operational features, it delivers actionable insight faster, enabling operators to respond quickly to process disturbances and thereby increase their effectiveness.

SCADA Expert Vijeo Citect is now part of the StruxureWare software applications and suites. StruxureWare is the brand name identifying Schneider Electric’s various software applications and suites to drive business performance while conserving enterprise resources.

  • Engineering efficiency: Delivers the capability to generate equipment libraries by allowing the creation of matching graphics and database components. With an intuitive graphical user interface, and the inbuilt capabilities of a Starter project, with equipment libraries, engineers can create new projects within a matter of hours, rather than the days or weeks.

  • Full-redundancy for reliable architecture: In factory automation and other mission-critical applications, hardware failure can lead to production loss and can result in potentially hazardous situations. SCADA Expert Vijeo Citect’s redundancy will tolerate failure anywhere in your system, with no loss of functionality or performance.

  • Intuitive look and feel: Simplified templates to deliver a more modern application and features that align with other common software applications to provide familiar run time user experience. Also in popular wide screen resolution and menus that help rapidly access information.

  • Intuitive Process Analysis: An intuitive process analysis and visualization tool that sits directly in the SCADA system, providing a complete story of your plant, delivering actionable insight to the operator faster and improving their efficiency and productivity.

  • Optimize your energy : With an inbuilt scheduler manage process and energy through bringing energy information into the context of your process

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