Aquis – Water Network Supervision

Aquis empowers you by providing an effective and comprehensive overview of your entire network and operation.

Aquis – Water Network Supervision

Real-time SCADA data transforms the Aquis model from a static planning tool into a dynamic decision making tool, integrated in your day-to-day operation and with instant, clearly identified benefits and economic advantages.

How does it work?

An intuitive button interface lets you scroll back and forth to obtain data for pressure, flow and water quality at any given time – in the past, now or in the future, anywhere in the network.

Real-time data from the SCADA system is fed into the Aquis model. It’s possible to combine this with weather forecast data. This lets you predict future consumption – even during periods of changeable or extreme weather conditions.

Aquis allows you to view different areas, sections, zones and even details of the network. You can easily simulate interventions such as opening or closing of valves, or starting or stopping of pumps, and assess their impact on consumer supply.

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