ProFace Products

Wireless LAN HMI and Environmental Covers

SP5660 Series

Pro-face America announces the launch of the new SP5660 Enhanced HMI.

Node Box Industrial PCs

PS4000 Series Node Box PCs

Multiple build to order options. The PS4000 series offers 1 slot, 2 slot, and 5 slot options and multiple features that can be added to customize the product for your needed application.

Flat Panel Monitors

FP3000 Series

Pro-face Flat Panel Monitors offer a wide range of display sizes, from 10.4” to 19” TFT color with enhanced resolution that will meet the needs of your application(s).


Fingerprint Recognition Unit

The EZ Fingerprint Recognition Unit can be configured in 15-level password functions to reduce inappropriate password use.

Slim and Modular IPCs

PS5000 Series

The introduction of the PS5000 Series is a breakthrough product for bringing manufacturing into the IT and networking era.