Predictive Sensor Technology (PST)
iStatus Wireless Sensors

Predictive Sensor Technology (PST) iStatus Wireless Sensors

iStatus wireless transmitters are designed to work in harsh industrial environments. The weather tight enclosure is sealed with an O-ring and screw on cover. They come with powerful magnetic mounts for easy installation and the flanged enclosure can also be permanently mounted with screws. The rugged 900 MHz proprietary wireless protocol ensures that your data will be received and that other communications will not be affected. Battery life approaches 2 years for the standard AA batteries. The screw-on cover does not require tools so battery replacement is simple and easy. Open field range can be up to 1200 feet, but it is best to design around a 450 foot range until a site evaluation can be done to optimize receiver placement. Each wireless transmitter can manage up to 3 sensors. They are pre-configured to your specification at the factory. Standard cable length for the sensing elements is 36 inches. Custom lengths are available for a nominal charge.

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