IntraVUE Software

Ethernet device visualization with fast, easy diagnostic analysis done for you

IntraVUE Software simplifies the support of Industrial Ethernet. With IntraVUE you can easily identify issues that arise when Ethernet devices are deployed in distributed and hostile environments including:

  • Duplicate IP and MAC addresses
  • Device or cable moves
  • Connection or application faults
  • Unauthorized connections

Real-time Diagnostic Reports

IntraVUE provides individuals who are not network experts the ability to respond to issues as if they were network experts. If the problem cannot be solved locally, now you can push a button and send all the necessary files to experts who can help. IntraVUE's continuously recording of network information will mean many intermittent problems will be captured for analysis. Whether this is an internal corporate group or external support organization, the data capture will provide enough information to reduce or eliminate the need for a costly on-site support call.

Vendor Neutral & Industrial Ethernet Focused

The key advantage of IntraVUE software and Network Vision support is we are vendor neutral and focused on Industrial Ethernet. We have lived in the Automation environment and are supporting hundreds of installations. We understand the subtle differences as well as how to train local resources to be self-sufficient. What may be a first time occurrence at your location may be an infrequent but common problem found in other applications. Our experience will mean quicker resolutions to sometimes difficult problems. We are not afraid to identify a faulty switch or connected device. We also work with most hardware vendors in an attempt to help them improve their product performance and compatibility.

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