High Density. High Performance I/O.


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Smarter Architecture

Today’s connected machines require innovative, high-performance control systems that minimize unplanned downtime and increase productivity and efficiency. RSTi EP combines powerful technology and a modular, compact form factor to deliver higher performance and maximized productivity in today's connected automation systems.

The RSTi-EP remote I/O system is well suited for Industrial Internet enabled applications. It features an extended operating temperature range, enhanced diagnostics, plug-and-play connectivity and high channel density– all designed to simplify machine design and maintenance.

Advanced diagnostics make RSTi-EP ideal for remote applications, especially those where I/O can be difficult to reach. And RSTi-EP I/O is easily expandable, making it easy to adapt and extend coverage as your system evolves.

Higher Performance in Half the Space

The innovative RSTi-EP I/O is a powerful combination of clean layout, high density, and small footprint. It can accommodate up to 64 modules and 1024 I/O points per drop. Yet its 11.5 mm I/O slices are smallest in the industry, helping to maximize limited cabinet space. By adopting the most compact I/O system on the market, it’s possible to incorporate smaller cabinet sizes into user-friendly system designs. The high- performance 4A system bus power supply makes it possible to power 64 I/O modules directly from the network adapater, saving on power- feed modules, and simplifying planning and execution.

Intuitive Integration

The RSTI-EP features outstanding performance and response time, with the high-speed system bus reading up to 256 DI/DOs in 20 microseconds. It offers intuitive I/O mapping for quick and easy integration into your control application, as well as maximum power reserves for future applications. RSTi EP features faster backplane speeds than the original RSTi I/O and perfectly responds to growing complexity in machine and factory automation thanks to powerful flexibility and a consistent user interface.

Remote, Real-time Diagnostics

With the RSTi-EP’s integrated web server and advanced diagnostics, failures in the system can be identified remotely, eliminating the need to travel to the machine, saving both time and money. The web server lets the operator view diagnostic faults and upgrade firmware over the web– simplifying start up, increasing availability and productivity without the need for additional tools or software. It is simple to prioritize service trips as critical or routine maintenance without stepping out of the control room.

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