GE Automation Products

Proficy Machine Edition

GE Proficy Machine Edition offers universal development environment for operator interface, motion and control applications.

Motion Control

GE Intelligent Platforms offers motion controllers for a broad range of applications and system configurations providing the flexibility to choose a system that optimizes performance and investment cost.

PACSystems RX3i

The PACSystems RX3i controller is the latest addition to the innovative PACSystems family of programmable automation controllers (PACs). Like the rest of the family, the PACSystems RX3i features a single control engine and universal programming environment to provide application portability across multiple hardware platforms and deliver a true convergence of control choices.

PACSystems RSTi-EP CPE100

The demand for improved asset performance and productivity is increasing in manufacturing and infrastructure markets. They require even smaller applications with robust execution performance and a range of connectivity options to real-time application status information and diagnostics.


Today’s connected machines require innovative, high-performance control systems that minimize unplanned downtime and increase productivity and efficiency. RSTi EP combines powerful technology and a modular, compact form factor to deliver higher performance and maximized productivity in today's connected automation systems.

90-30 and Legacy PLCs

GE Intelligent Platforms' family of traditional PLCs provide powerful solutions for small to mid-range stand-alone or distributed industrial control.

Cyber Security

One of the biggest concerns in our industry today is cyber security. After the wide-scale Wannacry attacks in 2017 that crippled numerous multi-national corporations and manufacturers, people are looking for a secure control system they can trust. Companies with aging infrastructure see security threats as the most important reason to upgrade their systems. With the most secure hardware in the industry, all new GE controllers are now equipped with Trusted Platform Module, secure firmware, and Achilles Level 2 certification, making them the most secure controllers available.