Arista Industrial Monitors

Arista Waterproof Industrial Monitors

ACP Enabled CPU Module

Dual Display Backup Setup

Overhead KPI Displays

Arista’s Industrial LCD Monitors include:

• 15”- 19” Active Max TFT LCD Display
• NEMA 4X / Waterproof Stainless Steel Enclosure
• Optional 5-Wire Resistive Touch Screen
• Integrated VGA Extender
• Transmission length up to 330meters(1,000ft ) over CAT5e cable
• Adjustable equalization and gain control
• De-skew compensation available for RGB delay control

Swappable ACP Enabled CPU Module

The repair and maintenance cost of large format display in high ceiling installation could be very expensive. The swappable CPU module of the Large Format Display Computer minimizes downtime, the cost of repair and maintenance. Because CPU module is swappable, replacing CPU module is quick and easy; does not require taking down the unit which saves tremendous manpower and cost.

Dual Display Backup Setup

The combination of swappable CPU module and auxiliary video input creates the function of dual display backup setup. In dual display setup, two Large Format Display Computers are inter-connected. The VGA output of each CPU module connects to VGA input of the other unit. In the event of CPU module failure, technician can power on the other CPU module and dual display will be back to work again. In dual display setup, one unit functions as primary display and the other unit functions as secondary display. In case of CPU module failure, the secondary display becomes primary display. Dual display backup setup can continue to operate while failed CPU module is waiting to be replaced.

Overhead KPI Displays

Using ARP-5565BP-E01 for marquees, process control board and overhead KPI display gives you unprecedented flexibility. Specifically it is designed to integrate seamlessly 65" large format LCD display and ACP Enabled Thin Client with ThinManager® offers centralized management solutions for the modern factory and office by simplifying management of applications and visual sources.

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