AllMax Synexus Pretreatment

Synexus will enable the control authority to establish and maintain industrial user data in the form of industry information, sample results, limits and surcharges, as well as a journal of all correspondence with the industrial user. Prepare and output SNC, limit, surcharge reports and more for all industrial users with the push of a button.

Centralize data storage and allow access to current and historical data with Synexus. Synexus is organized into program sections that allow you to easily accomplish your goals.

AllMax Synexus Pretreatment

Data Entry & Review

Data Entry & Review

Synexus utilizes DataViews as a method for tabulating and presenting information, with many setup options available.

Industrial discharge and sample results can be reviewed over user-defined periods of time and allows for an uncluttered view of historical data.

DataViews are printable and exportable.

Reports Section

Standardized reports, including SNC, Sampling, Industry, Limit and Surcharge Reports.

Custom Report tool is included.

Professional custom report development as a service is also available.

Graphing Section

The Graphing application in Synexus allows users to produce full- color, 2- and 3-dimensional graphs using any data stored in the Synexus database. Data can be graphed for hourly and daily values, days, weeks, months and years. The Graphing application allows users to produce a variety of graph/ chart types with titles, legends, scale, dual Y-axis plotting, displayed values, linear regression, constant lines and bands, limit details, and much more.

Sampling Events

The Sampling Events section is provided to track supporting information about a sampling event. This information would be similar to the information that would be on a chain of custody or laboratory bench sheet.

Event Journal

The Event Journal application provides the ability to create events to document activities with industries. List and Detail views keep this information organized and easily accessible. Documents issued as part of these events are stored for easy retrieval.


Dashboards allow users to create custom views that organize information from multiple sections of the program, or allow for easy access to desired data.

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