Advantech Embedded Automation Computers

Advantech offers complete embedded automation computers with rugged and cableless designs, including fanless box PCs, industrial control devices. With compact and multiple IOs, multiple expansion solutions and multiple mounting methods, each embedded automation platform is suitable for a wide variety of automation applications in a wide range of environments. The UNO-1000 series are DIN-rail; the UNO-1100 series are DIN-rail, high performance automation computers, the UNO-2000 series are compact, embedded automation computers with fanless box PC/104 extensions, the UNO-2100 series are high performance embedded automation computers with PC/104 extensions, the UNO-3000 series are front access, high performance embedded automation computers with PCI extensions, and the UNO-4000 series are rackmountable, embedded automation computers with PCI extensions. Together with these products, Advantech provides diversified industrial automation control devices to meet nay requirement.

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