Wonderware Alarm Adviser – New Alarm Analysis Software from Schneider Electric

Introducing the most recent addition to the Wonderware software portfolio: Wonderware Alarm Adviser. Due out April, 2015

Wonderware Alarm Advisor

Get the right advice to improve operator efficiency.

Wonderware Alarm Adviser is an interactive alarm analysis tool for visual analysis of historical alarm data. It provides an instant view of alarms for a selected time window, allowing engineers to quickly analyze alarm patterns and identify nuisance alarms that can lead to operator distractions. With this knowledge, operator interfaces can be improved dramatically by becoming aware of the most important automation alarms and reducing the occurrence of nuisance alarms. This contributes to improved plant performance and reduced risks of unscheduled downtime.

Alarm Adviser supports HTML5 technology for device and operating system independence. It has seamless connectivity to InTouch and System Platform. The next minor release is planned to support Wonderware Historian.

Key benefits:

  • Helps identify bad actors and nuisance alarm conditions
  • Allows engineers to benchmark and analyze alarms against industry standards
  • Helps improve the effectiveness of your SCADA alarm system
  • Helps improve operator awareness and response time
  • Minimizes the risk of unplanned plant shutdowns
  • Helps increase plant performance and reliability
  • Helps monitor and manage plant’s health more efficiently
  • Facilitates the calibration of alarms to reduce the overall quantity presented to operators
  • Reduces time and effort required to diagnose plant upsets or incidents

Key features:

  • Customizable dashboard makes it possible to benchmark and maintain alarm system performance in line with standard alarm guidelines or local facility goals
  • Allow users to filter and examine alarms by priority, time of day, alarm category, frequency and plant area to systematically work through and improve each part of the system
  • Interactive timeline bar that allows users to zoom in on a specific time range
  • Top 10 views of the most frequent, fleeting (short duration) and standing (long duration) alarms show what alarms should be targeted first
  • Alarm correlation capability, the consequence view facilitates the discovery of correlation between alarms
  • User favorites allow filters and time periods to be saved and shared with other users
  • Compatibility with tablets enables anytime, anywhere access to alarm data

Alarm Adviser leverages the advantages of being part of both the Wonderware and Schneider Electric ecosystems. It is the perfect complement for organizations that already own Wonderware InTouch and Wonderware System Platform and are specifically looking for a compact, cost-effective and easy-to-use tool for managing their system alarms.

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