2014 R2 SP1 Valuable Enhancements Summary

2014 R2 SP1 Valuable Enhancements Summary


  • Roll up of Hot Fixes
  • Smoother Install
  • Greater Stability and Reliability
  • Security improvements
  • Broadened Environment Support (Newest versions of OS, SQL, .Net)
  • Brand New Really Cool Demo App on SysP DVD

Application Server

  • Improved Cyber Security and IT Compliance
  • Simplified Object Search
  • Tighter Engineering Best Practices
  • Greater Stability and Performance


  • Extended Modern Apps Flexibility and Re-Use
  • Enriched Localization
  • New Historical Data Identification
  • Improved Remote Access Usability
  • Improved Performance and Security for Remote Users


  • Now with SQL Query Access for Alarm & Event blocked based history
  • Additional IT Compliance
  • New Simple Replication to WW Online (Tier 2 in Cloud)

Historian Client

  • Simplified Batch Reports in Workbook
  • Streamlined defaults for Query and Excel add-in
  • Simpler tag selection from Model View for all Historian Client applications

Operation Integration Servers

(don’t forget our new OI Servers recently released)

  • Add additional drivers
  • Reduce application costs
  • Increase Scalability
  • Eliminate single points of failure
  • Increase throughput
  • Maximize communication uptime
  • Support multiple versions

How to get the new version:

2014 R2 SP1 software is now available as an ISO image or ZIP download from the Product Hub in the Global Customer Support website (GCS/WDN).

It is posted under each product section, but it is the same ISO image file posted in each section. Registration on GCS is required. GCS Website 2014 R2 SP1 software will be on a newly mastered DVD with full install capabilities. The install program recognizes which product(s) are installed and applies updates appropriately.

All customers owning 2014 R2 version licenses are entitled to this Service Pack, No new licensing is required.

News & Events

News & Events

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