Win-911 Alarm Notification Training Class

Win-911 Alarm Notification Training Class

Come join us for a free, hands-on workshop of WIN-911

WIN-911 uses configuration logic to filter, route, and escalate HMI/SCADA alarms and events to designated recipients through multiple notification methods. WIN-911 supports single and bi-directional communication for alarms, acknowledgements, informational requests, and reports.

Support of Wonderware HMI/SCADA Products – WIN-911 natively integrates with System Platform, Intouch, InTouch ME and Citect.

Notification Options – WIN-911 provides single or bi-directional communication, acknowledgements, and customized formats via smartphone apps, SMS text messaging, email, voice calls, and reporting.

Notification Escalation Engine – WIN-911 comes with configurable notification workflows to best meet your operational needs. From a simple callout list to complex escalation logic, WIN-911’s patented, script free, drag and drop user interface makes configuration easy and intuitive.

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When & Where

9am to 2pm

June 29th
@ ATR Distributing
11857 Kemper Springs Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45240

Cost – Free and includes continental breakfast and lunch. Registration - Space is limited to this hands-on workshop. Product feature update and demo followed by hands on exercises - PCs will be provided. Contact: Kyle Murray at (513) 353-1800 or fill out the form to the right.

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