Moxa Gateways: Connecting Modbus to Profinet

Empower Your Factory Automation Applications with Fast and Easy Protocol Conversions

Industry Background

New innovations, propelled by the rise of Industry 4.0, give factories new opportunities to upgrade their legacy automation systems and enter the world of smart factories. These transformations, however, do not come without challenges. As Industry 4.0 is all about connecting things to Internet, a big challenge is to connect a large number of Modbus devices to networked control systems, such as SCADA systems and PLCs, which commonly use PROFINET or PROFIBUS protocols. To overcome this incompatibility between protocols, protocol gateways provide seamless protocol conversions, allowing manufacturers to reap the benefits of a smart factory.

System Requirements

Fast and efficient protocol conversion as field devices, such as meters, VFDs, and robotic arms, use Modbus protocols and need to communicate with PROFINET or PROFIBUS-based PLCs.

A flexible and cost-effective solution that extends the lifetime of existing and reliable machines and equipment, because engineers are familiar with them.

An easy-to-configure solution that allows for maximum integration of subsystems, for example, robotic arms synchronized with the movement of conveyor belts to increase production.

Proactive monitoring of both devices and control systems to prevent costly production loss.

System Architecture

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News & Events

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