Dream Report 4.7

Dream Report is a production and performance reporting solution that is applicable to all types of industries and adds significant value to Wonderware software implementations.

Dream Report 4.7

First, what is Dream Report?

Dream Report is a production and performance reporting solution that is applicable to all types of industries and adds significant value to Wonderware software implementations.

Dream Report is designed for ease of use through a configuration based approach. No SQL or programming skills are needed to design attractive and highly useful plant or process performance reports. Users simply configure reports through drag-and-drop operations. With Dream Report, users can create reports, without IT resources, so more reports can be generated, resulting in better internal communication and collaboration.

Dream Report is integrated natively with Wonderware InTouch, System Platform, Historian and IntelaTrac. It also enjoys broad connectivity with many third party data sources.

What value does it bring to users?

Dream Report provides exceptional value by simplifying the design and delivery of production and performance reports to industrial workers and managers. Dream Report’s ease of use translates into the delivery of more reports to more workers, enabling better decision making and ultimately improved business performance.

Dream Report offers configuration- based report design, greatly reducing and often entirely eliminating the need for scarce IT resources. No other competitive offering is easier to use or configure.

Dream Report also offers wide data source connectivity so it can connect to more plant data sources and systems, and aggregate results across them. This makes it ideal for multi-site industrial companies who have a wide range of legacy automation and plant information systems.

What’s new in Dream Report 4.7?

The new Dream Report 4.7 release opens new markets, delivers enhancements in ease of use and is the most powerful Dream Report to date. Features new functionality with improved usability enabled by updated Data model, new controls and support for Data Model browsing. With this release, there is now also updated Citect connectivity as well as improved Ad-Hoc analysis with new drill down capabilities.

The most significant enhancement in this release is the Statistical Process Control (SPC) reporting module. The SPC module is a license-enabled add-on option which provides a set of charts, tables and statistical calculations for SPC reporting from any data source.

New Markets

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) calculations: Dream Report 4.7 is now a quality reporting solution for SPC reports and dashboards. Perform SPC reports on any data source whether Real-time, Historical or Manual
  • Citect Connectivity: Now has the best Citect interfaces created in partnership with Schneider Electric
  • OPC UA: Offers client support for the latest Industrial communication standard

Ease of Use:

  • Data Model: This is one the most significant enhancements of this Dream Report release. Select and organize your data sources down to the tag level with Dream Report 4.7. Group and organize data sources to use them effectively – even organize tags from disparate data sources into folder structures. It is now possible to organize data sources tailored by web reports or by users.
  • New Runtime Management Console, Dynamic Report Generator which are cleaner, quicker and easier to use and Active-X Control putting the power of Dream Report in the hands of operators – right from the HMI/SCADA display

Ad-Hoc Analysis: This Dream Report 4.7 release feature continues to be a major focus moving forward

  • New Drill Down capabilities in Hyperlinks
  • Hyperlinking in report matrix and objects to get raw data views instantly

New features summary

  • SPC (Statistical Process Control) module
  • Data Modeler
  • Raw data views on Object Click in Web Portal
  • OPC UA Support
  • New and Updated/Enhanced Communication Drivers
  • New Runtime Management Console, Dynamic Report Generator 7 Active X
  • Web objects – Tag selector, Combo Box, Check Box and Tree Object
  • Vertical orientation for charts
  • Dynamic Data Source Definition
  • DSN-less connection to Databases
  • Advanced Text Editor for LUA Script
  • Advanced LUA Scripting Functions

When will Dream Report 4.7 be available?

Dream Report 4.7 software is available on the Global Customer Support (GCS) website for download.

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